Mob Entertainment

Presented below is a curated compilation of my work at Mob Entertainment from May 2022 to present, with a specialization in character and set modeling. Utilizing industry-standard tools like Blender and Maya, I crafted models, textured them with Substance Painter and Union Bytes Painter, and seamlessly integrated assets through Katana. The final rendering was achieved with precision using I-ray and Renderman technologies.

Project Playtime

Presented is a selection of my work in Mob Entertainment’s popular multiplayer survival game, “Project Playtime.” My role involved overseeing the transition of character assets from 2D concept art to 3D models, adhering to a game-optimized workflow. Emphasis was placed on mesh map baking to achieve realistic assets within a 20-60k vertex budget.

Project Playtime Cinematic Trailer

Presented here are curated screenshots from the cinematic trailer of Project Playtime. In this project, my responsibilities entailed the modeling and texturing of a lifelike representation of a Playtime universe employee. Beyond crafting the main characters, I was entrusted with the creation of a cinematic rendition of the player’s “Grab Pack.” This endeavor presented an enjoyable challenge, requiring me to seamlessly adapt the stylized aesthetics of the Playtime universe into a credible and realistic redesign.

Purple Girl

Presented here are select screenshots from a Zamination-produced animated music video, an extension of Mob Entertainment, titled “Purple Girl,” scheduled for release on September 3rd. This ambitious project has been meticulously crafted by a dedicated team of passionate artists. In my capacity, I assumed the responsibility of creating a series of assets in the distinct style of Minecraft. My contributions encompassed the modeling and texturing of both the interior and exterior of various vehicles, collaborative efforts with another 3D artist in designing a modular city environment, and the modeling and texturing of the carnival exterior set. Furthermore, I undertook the task of crafting a plush doll representing the main character and producing a set of S.W.A.T member variations, demonstrating my versatile skills in asset creation.